Welcome to Two Red Rubber Things
Written by Ray Lonsdale   

In the small world of 'Two Red Rubber Things' there is:-
A God,
A Devil,
A driving force'
A hindrance'
A boss of the bottle wash,

And they are all the same confusion of mind.

Answerable to no one, except those to whom he owes love, or money, or both.
He can offer only this advice:-

Never ask the taxman for a favour (unless you want to feel very, very small)

Never wash your arse with menthol shampoo (unless you like the 'back door open in the winter' feeling)

'Two Red Rubber Things' as an arts entity is one mans mind. Therefore it will not appeal to everyone (and nor should it). It has to be allowed to be what it is and to develop in its own direction or be forever restricted by compromise. The people who buy into this and 'get' the concept beyond the aesthetic can enjoy the emotion or story behind a pieces creation.
There is always a good reason for doing art. 'Two Red Rubber Things' is derived from a 'create or explode' moment and there can't be a more suitable reason for its manifestation. Its purpose is to connect with people on a level that its creator struggles with and to ignore the 'what will people think' mentality, while it screams toward wherever it is going.





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